Save $380 a Year

On Federal Inmate Calls

Why Use Pacific Telephone

For Federal Inmate Calls?

To Save Money!

Pay Only $1.65 Per Call

How Our Cheap Call System Works!

Regular Phone Calls & Costs

When your Federal Inmate calls your current phone number, most calls are usually an expensive long distance calls. The BOP’s phone provider VAC, charges 21¢ per minute, resulting in a 15 minute call costing $3.15

Cheap Phone Calls & Costs

We start off by providing you a new phone number local to the prison where your inmate’s being held at. When the inmate calls the new local number, the BOP phone system will now charge the inmate a 6¢ a minute connection fee paid out of their commissary funds for the outgoing call.

Pacific Telephone then charges a 5¢ cents per minute termination fee to send the call to your home or cell phone, equaling the sum of 11¢ per minute. This results in a 15 minute call now costing a $1.65, a savings of $1.50 per call!

 We Only Charge For Minutes You Use!

Pacific Telephone Company federal inmate calling service along with GTL pursuant to FCC ruling Docket Number DA 13-1990 can legally cut the cost of Federal Prison Calls from $3.15 to $1.65 on domestic Federal Inmate Calls resulting in savings of $1.50 or more a call.

To order by phone, or for more information on Pacific Telephone flat rate calling plans call us today at 866-966-8655.

15 Minute Federal Call
Savings Rate Comparisons


Our Cheap Inmate Call Rates

$1.65 Per 15 Minute Call

11¢ Cents Per Minute

300 Monthly Min @ 11 ¢/ Min = $33

 3800 Yearly Min @ 11¢ / Min = $418

We Save You $380 a Year 

Regular Inmate Call Rates

$3.15 Per 15 Minute Call

21¢ Cents Per Minute

300 Monthly Min @ 21 ¢/ Min = $63

3800 Yearly Min @ 21¢ / Min = $798

Stop Overpaying On Federal Inmate Phone Calls Now


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